We strive to ensure your satisfaction during your party. To help things go as smoothly as possible, here are some guidelines. A fifty dollar, non-refundable deposit is required to reserve party date and time. That fifty dollars will go toward the total amount due at the end of your party. We do not accept checks. The earlest you may enter your party room is 10 mins before your party time. Host and guests should check in with the front desk upon arrival. Everyone is required to sign a waiver of liability. You will be escorted to your party room by a Host/Hostess who will help you with your belongings and gifts on one of our carts that is provided. Your Host/Hostess is there to assist you during your party time at Wazoo's. .

Parties will end 2 hours after the scheduled time:

You may bring your own food for your party, but extremely messy foods are prohibited. These foods include soup, chili, ice cream (unless in individual serving cups) and any items using open flames, hot plates or griddles. We encourage you to purchase your pizza from us. We can order a large one topping pizza for $12.50. You may order your pizza the day of your party.

Please do not bring the following items.

-Knife, a cake spatula is provided and is safer for all our guests.

-Ice Cream, unless in individual size cups, freezer space is not available for large tubs and melting ice cream is messy.

-Silly string, confetti, or similar items. messy.

-Gum is not permitted anywhere in the building.

-Gift Cards Available for Purchase-

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Directions | 8816 Cullen Lane • Austin Texas 78748 | (512) 282-JUMP (5867)

-Included in all party packages-

Weekday Party -$159
Weekend Party (Fri - Sun) $219
Sunday only- 10 kid party- $179
Private Party - $359
Slumber Party - $675
2 hr parties in our LARGE party room overlooking the play arena

Admission for 25 Kids
Free return pass for birthday child

Plates, napkins, spoons

Cake serving safety spatula

Printable form for color invitations for you to print on card stock

3 balloon center piece for gift/food table
NOTE: Larger balloon bouquets available for purchase.

Attendant to help bring in and take out all party items

You can bring your own food, cake, and non-alcoholic drinks
NOTE: Cupcakes, cakes, etc. are only allowed in private party rooms.
NOTE: No crockpots, no gum.

Party guests can stay and play for remainder of day


Extras (all items are plus tax)

12 Balloons Latex $10.00

Mylar Balloon $3.59-$9.99

Large one topping Pizza $12.50

Soda, Juice, Water $1.00 to $2.50 each

Food $1.50 - $3.50 each

Socks $2.00+